Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hope you guys like all the leaked trax and contests we are doing. We are so excited about the album coming out!! Have you guys pre-ordered yet? You can get an autographed copy or order a DODWAV package at:

This deal is ending come next Tues so get your pre-orders on NOW!!

I just got done giving some secret links to some of our friends that played Twitter games with me yesterday. The winners are posted in the Myspace blog. Maybe you have a d message from me in your Twitbox! Who knows...if you want the secret link, ask those winners...or maybe I'll get generous and post it here later. I'm sure our little friends at Shiny Dirt have it up as we speak.

Dear Shiny Dirt,
Do you know about this blog yet? Probably already up on your site. Do you sleep? I think you are all vampires because you know everything! I thought it was someone in the FF5 team or in the band for awhile. Crouton was sweating when I questioned him, but maybe he was just sweaty...or maybe he has something to do with it. Question him when you see him! Tell me if he sweats! Just say "Hey, Shiny Dirt!" Tell me what he does. Probably isn't him though...dunno if he's that sneaky...maybe...maybe you're reading this and laughing.

Soul Glow

Back to the rest of you -- Go find the link...the leak is of Party Foul and it's killah!



  1. C'mon Soul Glow!! Be generous :DDDD

  2. Dude! You guys are so fun!
    Off to do some hunting..

  3. SGA- I've been listening to your old audio blogs recently...and I could almost hear you saying this blog. Funny.
    I love these remixes- pretty rad.

  4. :] please read our 2nd post. written by myself.