Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are you ready?

We've prepared you, but are you truly ready?





CHECK OUT for the news you've been waiting for!!!!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The first circulator:



Friday, May 29, 2009

transmission radio, radio, radio

So, DODWAV is out now!! Thanks to EVERYONE who picked up a copy in the store or on iTunes! I'm lovin reading all of your comments on the Myspace page, but come on, you can post here too. Give me some love!! ...but really, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for supporting us and our new album!!

Also, as we've been saying, the DOD video is DONE! But...we can't show it to you just yet. But, we have been circulating some teasers and have more to come! We will be using some of you to get these exclusive materials out to the fanbase, so, if you want to be a CIRCULATOR and spread some secrets, send me a direct tweet with your site. To thank our "friends" Shiny Dirt for 'bringin it' and giving us this suggestion, we have granted them first access to a new piece of secret content. Should be up on their site now at:


"SOUL GLOW'S CIRCULATORS" <---- That's cheesy, right?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

twitter fail

I think Twitter cut me off from sending links to you guys today. So, I'll be sending some more tomorrow. I specifically sent it to my arch nemisis, who I kinda sorta am starting to, I'm sure they will have it up later. Wonder if they've decoded the message yet? I have something to send over if they figure it out.

I'll be posting some more secret info about the DOD vid here soon so stay tuned. The show tonight in Louisville was great! I heard a rumor they were playing some vintage footage in the auditorium before the show. Tub-O is with us right now, he has a Twitter it's @isaacdeitz. Follow him!
Also, follow Chappy's charity @theonelove
Also, follow Tofupup @chlofupup
Also, follow the rest of my band @fattyff5 @chapstique @croutonff5 @nadaddy
Someone get Qwygon and Xanadu on the ball!


Sunday afternoon

It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm feeling like starting some mess around here.
I'm posting a secret link to 50 people on Twitter who have tweeted #familyforce5 this week. I might even go crazy and post more than 50 links. These will be d messages as they have been all week. This piece of content is killer...only thing I'm telling is that it has to do with the DOD vid and is not the video, a video clip, or pics from the video. It is however a giant clue about the video...also, I have some other DOD vid goodies that I might post here this week.

waS tHat It? caN't You Do any better than that? I Require persisTence. do you have what it takes?


Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hope you guys like all the leaked trax and contests we are doing. We are so excited about the album coming out!! Have you guys pre-ordered yet? You can get an autographed copy or order a DODWAV package at:

This deal is ending come next Tues so get your pre-orders on NOW!!

I just got done giving some secret links to some of our friends that played Twitter games with me yesterday. The winners are posted in the Myspace blog. Maybe you have a d message from me in your Twitbox! Who knows...if you want the secret link, ask those winners...or maybe I'll get generous and post it here later. I'm sure our little friends at Shiny Dirt have it up as we speak.

Dear Shiny Dirt,
Do you know about this blog yet? Probably already up on your site. Do you sleep? I think you are all vampires because you know everything! I thought it was someone in the FF5 team or in the band for awhile. Crouton was sweating when I questioned him, but maybe he was just sweaty...or maybe he has something to do with it. Question him when you see him! Tell me if he sweats! Just say "Hey, Shiny Dirt!" Tell me what he does. Probably isn't him though...dunno if he's that sneaky...maybe...maybe you're reading this and laughing.

Soul Glow

Back to the rest of you -- Go find the link...the leak is of Party Foul and it's killah!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Wake the Dead Remix

Since you guys got #familyforce5 to the number 2 trending topic on Twitter this weekend, I am doing as promised and presenting you with another remix. This one was done by my lovely wife! -SGA