Sunday, May 17, 2009

twitter fail

I think Twitter cut me off from sending links to you guys today. So, I'll be sending some more tomorrow. I specifically sent it to my arch nemisis, who I kinda sorta am starting to, I'm sure they will have it up later. Wonder if they've decoded the message yet? I have something to send over if they figure it out.

I'll be posting some more secret info about the DOD vid here soon so stay tuned. The show tonight in Louisville was great! I heard a rumor they were playing some vintage footage in the auditorium before the show. Tub-O is with us right now, he has a Twitter it's @isaacdeitz. Follow him!
Also, follow Chappy's charity @theonelove
Also, follow Tofupup @chlofupup
Also, follow the rest of my band @fattyff5 @chapstique @croutonff5 @nadaddy
Someone get Qwygon and Xanadu on the ball!



  1. I got Dance or Die with a Vengeance!!


    Check out Dance or Die Remix

  2. Twitter can be really evil sometimes. It cut me off from tweeting #familyforce5 the first day yall did that because I supposively reached Twitter'daily limit... haha

  3. I'm followin on Twitter! Heh, never been on witter as much as the last 3 days... ChapStique was on while I was babysitting... it was 1 am here!